Odyssea 33 & 35

When the explorer in you aspires to sail away, the answer is Odyssea 33 & 35. Its unique hull shape - the deep ‘V’ - has proven to be an efficient trihedral hull. It’s designed for greater stability, offering you a dry and thud-free ride, which ensures you have the most comfortable stay on the rough waters. Enhanced fuel efficiency with aesthetic & ergonomic detailing makes MO 33 & 35 a desirable possession. What's more, it can carry over 12 guests, letting you host grand get- togethers and entertaining parties. All in all, MO 33 & 35 ensures you make the most of this unexplored lifestyle.


  • Air-conditioned cabin
  • Marine entertainment system with mood lighting
  • Navigation system
  • Marine toilet
  • Unique add-ons for skiing, parasailing, etc

technical specifications





9.97 meters

10.60 meters


2.95 meters

2.95 meters


0.45 meters

0.45 meters

Max recommended HP

250 hp x 2

315 hp Single

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