They will take you places you have never been before.

They will introduce you to new possibilities and passions.

They will open up a lifestyle that you never imagined…


Yes, boats can do that.

Mahindra Odyssea, part of the Mahindra group, makes India’s finest luxury powerboats.

Built to exacting international standards, tailor-made for Indian waters, and custom-designed for individual tastes, our speedboats will inspire you to discover new adventures – on your own or with family, friends and business associates. Odyssea is a natural extension to the sea of the Mahindra Group's expertise in transportation and mobility solutions on land.

Founded in 2007, Odyssea combines the engineering might of the parent company with the innovative spirit of a startup to deliver not only great products and solutions but also an experience that can change your life.

Yes, our boats can do that.

India has a magnificent, diverse coast, filled with adventure and discovery. Owning an Odyssea opens up this beautiful, unexplored territory for you to experience.

Take the time out for a romantic weekend – just the two of you in a boat with nothing for company but the wind. Throw a party for dear friends in the shelter of a hidden cove. Negotiate a business deal even as the waves gently lap your boat. Discover the joys of fishing as you reel a big one in. Or simply enjoy the beauty of a coral reef.

Our boats make many
things possible.

And Mahindra Odyssea is committed to making your experience of owning a boat as enjoyable as possible.

Our boats are meticulously built for speed, safety and stability, our after sales service makes sure your boat is well looked-after, and our network of partners bring you the support you need to take your boat out to sea.

Call us today to explore the unexplored on board Mahindra Odyssea.